Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Stafford Project

We haven't blogged in ages but we are COMPELLED to share this with our loyal reader(s):

Michelle Stafford
If you are a fan of The Young & Restless, you are very familiar with two-time Emmy winner, Michelle Stafford, who defined the role of "Phyllis" for some 15 years, and you also know she has left the show. Well, on first learning of her departure, we were quite distraught and hurled all kinds of hate and fury in the general direction of the producers of Y&R, mistakenly thinking it was their doing. We were wrong. Stafford left the show on her own terms because she wanted to pursue her dream of dipping her toes in comedy - and let's face it, we all knew she had a funny bone even when she played the conniving, red-headed vixen/villain on Y&R.

Well, thank GAWD she left Y&R because we are all now blessed with her highly entertaining, refreshingly smart, deliciously quirky, spit-your-drink-out-funny web series, The Stafford Project.

There's really no need for us to explain it to you because we know our loyal reader's level of intelligence is such you'll "get it" right away. Suffice it to say, it's something of a "day in the life of" reality show motif along the lines of The Office (the original, British version, not the watered-down US one), Extras, Curb Your Enthusiasm, etc. But, what makes The Stafford Project unique in this hilarious genre? The lead is a WOMAN! [Cue Helen Reddy ... er, I mean, Katy Perry - we're not THAT old, FFS.]

Anyway, we wouldn't want to rob you of the opportunity to discover all of the comedic complexities and awkward goofiness, so no spoilers. Episode 7 has already been uploaded and we understand #8 will arrive on Monday. We wait with barely bated breath. In the interim, we'll share the series opener with you here and trust you'll find The Stafford Project is as addictive as meth, just like we did. Enjoy!



P.S. To stay up-to-date with Michelle and The Real Stafford Project, you can follow on Twitter (she is very engaging and really generous with her fans): @TheRealStafford  and @StaffordProject

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Note from Editors: As always, we are forced to clarify certain comments made by the Monkeys in the above post.We did not intend to cast any aspersion on the US version of The Office. It was a fine series. (The first 2 seasons, anyway.)  Finally, and most importantly, no, the Monkeys have never tried meth, that we know of. They just watch a lot of TV. Our loyal reader knows those flea-infested hooligans like to talk a big game and act all gangsta. Ignore them. As always, the editors and administration of Sociopathologie thank you for your patience and understanding.

Friday, May 31, 2013

Starbucks used water from restroom to make coffee...

... explains why it tastes like shit.

Not sure what all the fuss is about. These people act like the water that comes out of the faucet in the bathroom is any fucking different than the tap water in the kitchen. Get a grip, you germaphobic morons. [I only call you morons cuz you buy Starbucks coffee].



Full story: Hong Kong Starbucks used water from restroom to make coffee | USA Today


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