Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Yo. I Smell Weed. Obviously.

We need to have Don Lemon do all the live reporting on everything. At all times. Like, 24/7. CNN's ratings would skyrocket cuz we'd all tune in just to see what random part of his shoe he'd be spitting out.
CNN's Don Lemon Puts Foot in Mouth ... Again
But, for real, though - do y'all smell that?


Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Hands Up! Don't Read!
Grand Jury Transcript Makes Monkey Mad..der

If you follow us on Twitter, you probably got the hint earlier, i.e. this is some incredible next level bullshit.

But, hey. Don't believe us - we're just a bunch of misguided, mixed monkeys, after all. Read it for yourself and/or the not-so-brief synopsis of key fuckery points set out in CNN's article:

Ferguson decision: What witnesses told the grand jury
Don't say we didn't warn you.



FILED UNDER: #WeCallBullshit

Don't Mess With The Monkeys!

Mobs of killer monkeys menace India
In the interest of full disclosure, the mob of Monkeys here at Sociopathologie would simply like to add: "It wasn't us. We have more important things to do."



Money On Our Minds ....



 [h/t @BanksyOfficial]

Monday, November 24, 2014

A Sober Thought Triggers State Of Emergency

Yes, as our loyal reader(s) know(s), on the rare occasion the monkeys who write this blog also read and share real important news type stuff. This would be one of those rare occasions.

We have tried to express our concern regarding the Missouri governor's declaration of a "state of emergency" far in advance of the event presumed to hair trigger one but could never do it quite as articulately as Ms. Nelson does. Therefore, read this:

Missouri governor's pre-emptive state of emergency is an alarming mistake
With nothing further to add to this discussion, your favorite monkeys will now resume their regularly scheduled shit-flinging.




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